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Long-Sleeve Tee

By Organic Basics

An incredibly soft and high-quality top. They offer 5 colors (black, white, gray, bluestone, and dusty clay).
The one I'm wearing is in dusty clay in size S.

Starter Pack

By Organic Basics

This pack is so comfy! The fabric is very soft and you can feel and see the quality of the pieces.

It has an affordable price, perfect if you have a low budget but still want to invest in ethical underwear.



By Organic Basics

A must-have in our winter wardrobe.

This is the best quality I've ever tried.

It feels silky and luxurious.

I'm 5'5'' wearing size S.


Body Lotion

By Plaine Products 

What I love the most about this lotion is that it is a refillable product, and you can order it online. 

The rosemary, vanilla, and mint smells delicious and it really absorbs to the skin without leaving it greasy or oily.

Repair Balm

By Meow Meow Tweet

I balm acts as a moisturizer and a healer. You can apply it on your hands or even on your elbows. Since I suffer from intense dry lips and skin, this was perfect for me.

I completely love it because it works, it is vegan, organic, and has a compostable packaging.

Reusable Silicone Bag

By Stasher

The stasher bag is very versatile. 

You can store a lot of different food keeping it fresh without using more disposable plastic bags. From sandwiches to tortillas, frozen fruit, or chips, this will save lots of plastic waste. 

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