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If you're here it is probably because you know the reality behind irresponsible fashion & you no longer want to be a part of that. However, there's a problem, you don't know how to start.

Well, you're in the right place and we are so happy that you're here!

It's true. The fashion industry is responsible for a big part of the ecosystem deterioration, it exploits people, it pollutes the earth and they are trying to hide it from us. Yes, some fashion brands may be affordable, but what's the real cost behind it? 


Fashion pollution is the consequence of the wrong use of fashion to satisfy false necessities, making us believe we need lots of clothes to fit in society or to feel good about ourselves.

But is there a way we can look good without harming others & spending half of our salary?

Yes, there is! 

Wait, but does that mean I have to go thrifting and wear only used clothes?

Noup. That's a start, and it is only one of the many options.

Having a sustainable wardrobe does not consist of stop buying and wearing what you own forever. It isn't only wearing pre-loved clothes of buying now from sustainable brands and spending x5 the money you used to spend on fashion. 

There is something called balance, and that's what you'll learn in our blog. The right balance, not for everybody, or for us, but the right balance for you.

So, is it okay to keep buying?

Of course! Just do it consciously now and purchase from the right brands for you & the environment. 

Can I still wear fast fashion, or do I have to get rid of it in order to have a sustainable wardrobe? Keep wearing it, but try to stop buying it.


Use what you have. 

Yes, even if it is only fast fashion. If you have it already, the most sustainable thing to do is wearing it! You already bought it anyway, wear it.♥

And what if I want a new item?

1. Find what's the right combo for you. (porcentajes de cuantas cosas nuevas, cuantas hechas por ti y cuanto pre-loved, HACER UN QUIZ)

2. Find your personal style. (personality style quiz, personal style blog & workbook)

3. Plan Your Wardrobe (Workbook according to your style, create the wardrobe of your dreams, and start working on getting those items you still not have)

4.Where do I get my items now? (Learn how to sew with our yearly challenge I made my wardrobe, find what brands are the right for you in the brand section, or visit our favorites section)

5. Follow the monthly tutorials we offer in our blog, they are free! Become an insider to never miss any of them.

6. Start sewing your wardrobe. Purchase one of our affordable patterns and start making the wardrobe of your dreams. 

7.Create Capsule Wardrobes. (Purchase our workbook to learn how to create the right capsule wardrobe FOR YOU for each season.)

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